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A chant sung by Derby County fans about Derby.

Man like rowet got tactics
see me in the box during matches
you wanna test Derby madness

i swear Craig Bryson got a hatrick

we beat you man 5-0 5-0 5-0
that why you see Rams as rivals
are they ringing alarms there's no fire drills.

derby county's on form

you should see Tom Lawrence at training

sitting with rammie in a mazarati

match day pull up at the pride park stadium.

nottingham forest can't come against we.
wait til Sunday and your gonna see
we got the Brian cough trophy.
we add ten men you still gotta BEAT

DCFC we got Ledley
we keogh my mans deadly

we got a lot of fans got plenty
i've never seen pride park empty

got the kenco coffee cup got it as a souvenir

might kiss the Derby badge do it like Stuart pierce

start swinging my shirt around the top of my head like Robbie savage

match day is this Sunday how the forest fans gonna manage

how you gonna manage??

To the tune of: Eyes Dcfc Rap



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Submitted by: on Sunday 4 February 2018 at 09:28

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